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BoxTv: Times Internet launches new online video-streaming site

New Delhi: Times Internet Ltd (TIL) launched video service BoxTV, which will provide access to movies and short films.

“Based on a freemium model, BoxTV will make some content available on an ad-supported free-to-user basis, while others will be available on a monthly subscription model,” TIL CEO Satyan Gajwani told reporters.

The service, currently available through invitation basis, will be made available to users at large in India, the UK and the US in next few months, he added.

The monthly subscription fee for users in India would Rs 199, while it is $4.99 in the US and £4.99 in the UK.

BoxTv screengrab of site.

The website seems targeted at NRIs will full- length movies in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telegu and Kannada. Other languages like Bengali, Punjabi and Gujarati will also be introduced.

TIL said it has a library of over 3500 full-length movies, 500 short films and 2,000 TV episodes.

The company however declined to comment on investments made or targetted revenues saying “it is still too early to talk about the numbers”.

BoxTV representative say that they have partnered with companies like Sony Pictures, UTV, Shemaroo and Rajshri for content and is in discussion with 30-40 firms globally for expanding its content portfolio.

Asked if the paid model would work in India, Gajwani said though initially it would be difficult, but users would eventually move to the paid platform.

“We have a strong (content) portfolio and once people use and see the quality of service, I’m sure they would sign on. However, we see a majority of paid users coming from the UK and US now as the paid model is more established in these countries, but India should also reach there soon,” he added.

Indian hackers Planning for Fireworks On 15th August

As we all know Indians celebrate their independence day on 15th of august.

Some of Indian patriotic hackers have found their own way to celebrate this special day.

According to our sources, some Indian hacking groups are planning to attack Pakistani govt and commercial websites on 15th august as a gift to Pakistan on India’s independence day.

It has been history of these two countries that whenever their independence day comes both country hackers start targeting each other country website.

so lets see how much they got 😀

IBM India’s top supercomputer manufacturer

Bangalore:Technology company IBM leads the list of India’s supercomputers, having built six of the country’s 16 fastest high-performance computing installations, according to a new compilation by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc). It was followed by Hewlett-Packard with five systems and SGI with two systems.

The fastest supercomputer, however, is a Wipro system installed at the Indian Space Research Organisation‘s Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre at Thiruvananthapuram, followed by the Eka, a HP system installed at the Pune-based Computational Research Laboratories.

Supercomputers are built to crunch massive amounts of data for research in areas such as bio-informatics, climate modelling and aerospace among others.

The Indian Space Research Organisation machine, named SAGA-220 and commissioned last month, can carry out 220 trillion floating point operations per second (TFlops) as against the Eka which has a peak performance of 172.60 TFlops. The Computational Research Laboratories is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Sons and is involved in high-performance computing services and solutions. There is a significant jump in the number of supercomputers being added in the country though India still lags behind in this area, said Sathish S.Vadhiyar, associate professor at IISc’s Supercomputer Education and Research Centre (SERC), which has been compiling the list twice a year since 2008. While only a couple of Indian systems are in the list of top 500 supercomputers globally, countries such as the US account for between 100-150 systems while China boasts of more than 50, he added. The top 16 Indian systems had been ranked based on a minimum performance criteria of 3.11 Tflops, a bar that has been raised with every compilation from SERC. The combined supercomputer performance featured on the SERC list is 308 TFlops, with Bangalore leading the list with four supercomputers followed by Chennai with three.

LG Optimus White Soon In Indian Market

After launching LG Optimus Black, the Company has rolled out its new handset LG Optimus White, to be available for order at Phones4U, the online device retailer. As per reports, Company had announced in May about the launch of two unique versions of Optimus Black in white and pink color in North America.

Perhaps the similarity with the earlier black version was that of the features which include 1-inch LCD Nova touchscreen, Android 2.2 Froyo, 5-megapixel main camera and 2-megapixel front camera. Moreover, the white version has 1GHz CPU, 512MB RAM.

Readily available in the UK for placing an advance order, customers would be able to get it for free on plans starting at £20 per month. Meanwhile, sources have claimed that the handset is pretty much affordable at INR 19,990, offering talking minutes of 300 under the tariff plan of £20 per month.

Apparently, reports have confirmed that Retailer Phones4U will be offering customers to select between Vodafone, Orange, or O2, delivering the phone around July 15.

Moreover, LG Optimus Black is expected to be available online and furthermore, will soon hit the Indian market in the near future, following an announcement in April.


Apple going to re-introduce the iPhone 3G India

Very soon Apply will be re-introducing its iPhone 3G version in India powered by 8gb inbuilt memory,which was launched 3 years ago in Indian market. The best part is Apple iPhone 3GS price will be cut to Rs 19990.

This move by apple came to deal with the large number of low quality and inexpensive Android smartphones, which were harming market of iPhones in India.

Marketing officer of Apple iPhones in India Announced that the supply of the new iPhone 3G has reached the stores and that it will be on sale starting from this Saturday. Many other traders from all over India also confirmed the arrival.

The specifications are mostly deceptive when it comes to the practical aspects. Apple has stated in addition to that the phone will also have iOS 5 but it won’t work for a number of applications.


Nokia n9 Phone Not Available In India

A bad news for people in India waiting for Nokia n9 phone, as they might have to wait a little longer for it.

Nokia will not launch his latest phone in India first.

These countries will be getting the phone first: Austria, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Malaysia, New Zealand, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE, and Vietnam.

You can check availability of the phone in your country here :;JSESSIONID_NCOM=xkY4TD8Wx3sJz6BzBh1Y71FJftXLgflfvbq4TDhKBfjJYTYM6J1q!1569064326

Google now supports five more Indian languages

Internet search engine giant Google on Tuesday announced the expansion of its translation services to include five more Indian languages – Bengali , Gujarati , Kannada , Tamil and Telugu – thus increasing its reach to a potential half a million population.

“Beginning today, you can explore the linguistic diversity of the Indian sub-continent with Google translate, which now supports five new experimental alpha languages: Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu,” said Ashish Venugopal, research scientist at Google.

“In India and Bangladesh alone, more than 500 million people speak these five languages. Since 2009, we’ve launched a total of 11 alpha languages, bringing the current number of languages supported by Google Translate to 63,” he wrote in a Google Blog.

Venugopal said one can expect translations for these new alpha languages to be less fluent and include many more untranslated words than some of the more mature languages – like Spanish or Chinese – which have much more of the web content that powers its statistical machine translation approach.

“Despite these challenges, we release alpha languages when we believe that they help people better access the multilingual web. If you notice incorrect or missing translations for any of our languages, please correct us; we enjoy learning from our mistakes and your feedback helps us graduate new languages from alpha status,” the Google research scientist said.

“Since these languages each have their own unique scripts, we have enabled a transliterated input method for those of you without Indian language keyboards,” he said and hoped that the launch of these new alpha languages will help one better understand the Indic (Indo-Aryan languages) web and encourage the publication of new content in Indic languages, taking Google five alpha steps closer to a web without language barriers.

Police stops Google Street View in Banglore

Police in Bangalore said they had security concerns and that Bangalore was a “highly sensitive” area.

Google launched its project to collect high definition images to give Google users 360 degree views of streets only last month in Bangalore.

Google data collection has caused concern in numerous countries.

Cameras mounted on cars and tricycles had been taking pictures in streets across Bangalore.

“We received a letter from Bangalore’s commissioner of police and are reviewing it. We will not be collecting any more images for Street View until we speak to the police,” a Google spokeswoman told AFP.

Police told the BBC that they had expressed concern about the project and said they asked Google to seek clearance from India’s ministry of home and external affairs.

Bangalore’s additional police commissioner, Sunil Kumar, said that Bangalore, home to key defence and scientific institutions such as Indian Space Research Organisation and Hindustan Aeronautics, was high on the list of terror targets.

In 2008 a series of bombs exploded around the city, killing one women and injuring several others.

But Google India’s Product Head Vinay Goel told India’s CNN-IBN news channel that they were “only driving on public roads and taking publicly available imagery.”

Last year almost 250,000 Germans told Google to blur pictures of their homes on the Street View service and the Czech government also banned Google from taking any new photos for the service.

In the UK Google has also agreed to delete private emails and passwords mistakenly picked up from wireless networks by its Street View cars.

Via BBC India