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8 Awesome LulzSec Images

Here are some images from the LulzSec Hackers Group. Enjoy 😀







So this is all from my side.

every picture here has something within it.

like the first image of LulzSec Which The World Encountered In The Sony Attacks.

rest of them were used by lulzsec in their press releases or as their twitter profile photo.

8 Funny Photos Of Google Kicking Ass Of Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple And Facebook

here Google products are the angry birds and Apple,Facebook,yahoo,Microsoft are the pigs :p

Facebook is so depressed that now they are not even allowing google+ users to login in their facebook accounts :p

facebook now scares people 😛

The spartan king Google+

The evolution of social networking websites .

lol myspace giving warning to Facebook over their value estimation :p

that must have hurted him 😛

i m speechless now :p

How Angry Birds Were Created

On Google+ one of my friend shared a wonderful image with me, showing how angry birds were created or we hould say how angry birds were designed.

PS: ‘Angry Birds’ Moviecoming soon in your theaters nearby .

Adolf Hitler On Google+

What will you say if i tell you that Adolf Hitler is on Google+ ?

well actually it is so :p. our fuhrer has joined Google’s new social networking website Google+.

One of my friend provided me a link to the profile of Adolf Hitler.

Its a fake account created by someone for fun.

as earlier some people created fake accounts of Steve jobs and Mark Zukerberg .

Here is the link of the profile .

enjoy 😀

#19 Funny Pic Of The Day: Evolution Of Technology

Lolz evolution of technology from 1980 to 2010 😛

#17 Funny Pic Of The Day: Life Without Blackberry And Apple



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#16 Funny Pic Of The Day: Hacking Attack In Hollywood And In Reality


well this picture above shows the true story :p

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#15 Funny Pic Of The Day: Swedish Girls


Swedish girls ^_^
love them.

#14 Funny Pic Of The Day: Angels need username and password

even Angels need username and password for heaven

Steve Jobs With Bill Gates On iPads

A funny conversation between Steve jobs and Bill gates over the netbooks:p