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World Hackers Join LulzSec Anti-sec movement

After the LulzSec declared the Anti-sec movement, Hackers from all over the world are now joining them.

Many hackers from other countries like Brazil,Argentina,Iran,India and many many more have joined the for the cause of Anti-security movement.

The infamy twitter hackers CYBER ARMY OF IRAN has also shown their support to Anonymous and LulzSec team for the Anti-security movement.

On Twitter Cyber Army Of Iran replied to Lulzsec guys: ” @LulzSec @Anonymouse we do support you,from now on #IranianCyberArmy #PersianAnon #LulzSec #AntiSec #Anonymouse . “

link of tweet:

The LulzSec appreciated their support by retweeting  their tweet.After that many hackers approached The Sony+CIA+US senate hacker the Lulz for supporting their cause.

In a reply to Brazilian hackers, Lulz tweeted ” all Brazilian hackers are welcome in our cause.”

So Moral of the story?

yes you got it 😀

you soon gonna see Lulz cannon firing on Govt and security industry people.