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11 Awesome Creative USB

Here are some amazing USB drives just check out the creativity of the designers

Some Cool Things You Should Know About Google+

Some useful-but-maybe-not-obvious features of Google+:

* In your stream, “Incoming” means “other people who are sharing with me” — people who aren’t yet in your circles. You can browse through it to see people who have added you.

* “Notifications” gives you the same sort of stuff that you can see in the notifications menu in the top right. (The one that turns bright red when you have an update — not yet available in all countries) Who’s added you, when you’ve been mentioned in a post or tagged in a photo, etc. Also, that menu at the top? Very useful.

* “Sparks” lets you get cool content relevant to your interests. Random side note: While debugging the system, we often used “Chocolate Cake” as a test interest. It turned out to be a really distracting interest.

* Hangouts are more awesome than you may suspect, because they require so little work.

* You have to click on the “Chat with people on Google+” link to enable chat within Google+ (long story as to why), but then you get IM functionality.

* The mobile app has two features of surpassing awesomeness: Huddles and Instant Upload. Huddles are everything that messaging was supposed to be but never was — group of people, persistent conversations so you can keep chatting with people, a hell of a lot faster delivery than SMS, etc. Instant upload means that you will never have photos stranded on your phone again.

* The delete circle animation is enough fun that one is tempted to create circles and delete them just for the heck of it. Andy Hertzfeld FTW.

I’ll probably think of more of these later… there are a lot of features in here, and there are even more on the way. This is called “The Google+ Project” for a reason; the future is bright and exciting.

My First Post On This Blog

After so many difficulties and so much drama finally i have started blogging again πŸ˜› . yeah yeah hacking blogger πŸ˜›

Now you may ask why i left it?

what you said ? NO? 😐 Ask you fool.

Due to my financial and academic problems :(( .

All my old Sites expired 😦 shit man i didn’t had even 10$ to renew my domains :((.

Ok lets forget the fast we should always live in present. ( 1 famous Hindi movie dialog ” ek per past mai ek per future mai, tabhi to sale aaj present pe moot rahe hai ” :D)

Enough of my shit now let me tell you why i created this blog and what this blog will provide you.

3 main reasons for creating this blog .

  1. As all my blogs got expired so i had to create a new one and this was it.
  2. i want money from my knowledge 😐
  3. Do you really care why i created this blog?

And now let me tell you what things/shit will you get from this blog:

  1. Whats going inside the hacking world.
  2. Reviews about new gadgets/software/tools.
  3. My views and comments on geek things.

No don’t worry you wont be able to earn money from this blog πŸ˜€

So plz do subscribe for my blog πŸ™‚

you won’t be loosing anything πŸ™‚