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#20 Funny Pic Of The Day: How To Fix Apple Laptops

This Image Shows How to fix an Apple :p



8 Funny Photos Of Google Kicking Ass Of Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple And Facebook

here Google products are the angry birds and Apple,Facebook,yahoo,Microsoft are the pigs :p

Facebook is so depressed that now they are not even allowing google+ users to login in their facebook accounts :p

facebook now scares people 😛

The spartan king Google+

The evolution of social networking websites .

lol myspace giving warning to Facebook over their value estimation :p

that must have hurted him 😛

i m speechless now :p

#19 Funny Pic Of The Day: Evolution Of Technology

Lolz evolution of technology from 1980 to 2010 😛

How To Charge Your iPod Or iPhone Using An Onion

Here is a tutorial on how to charge your iPhone or iPad using an onion.

You can do this in just three simple steps.

i saw this article on Make Projects Website .

The basic principle for the working of this trick is electrolyte.

Step 1:

Get 1 fresh med onion.

Step 2:

put 2 holes in the onion then get two cups of Gatorade or Powerade and soak the onion it it for 30 mins.

Step 3: 

after 30 mins take it out and the put the charge in the onion it will take a min for it to work.

Steve Jobs biography gets ‘more elegant’ title


Dissatisfied with the working title
of his authorized biography of
Apple CEO Steve Jobs , author
Walter Isaacson has decided to
follow the design philosophy of his
subject and go with a ” simpler and
more elegant” title .
The original title , “iSteve: The Book of
Jobs ,” was apparently chosen by
publisher Simon & Schuster’ s publicity
department and never sat well with
the author, Fortune reports .
After Isaacson ‘ s wife and daughter
opposed the title for being ” too
cutesy ,” the former Time Magazine
executive convinced his publisher “to
go with something simpler and more
elegant : ” Steve Jobs” by Walter
Isaacson , ” the report noted.
The biography, which will be the first
to receive Jobs’ blessing, is scheduled
to arrive in early 2012. Interest in the
book appears to be strong , as online
retailer Amazon’s initial preorder
offer briefly carried the title into the
top 50 of its bestseller list.
Amazon is offering the hardcover
version for $ 16.50 , 45 percent off the
list price and down from last month ‘s
preorder price of $ 19.80 , while the
Kindle version presells for $ 14. 99.
According to Simon & Schuster
publisher Jonathan Karp , the book will
tell a ” unique story of revolutionary
genius ,” though in the same vein as
Isaacson ‘ s best-selling biographies of
Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein.
As a result of Jobs’ willing
collaboration , Isaacson has enjoyed
unprecedented access to the normally
private CEO , receiving permission to
interview family members, coworkers
and competitors and even touring
Jobs ‘ childhood home.
While Isaacson ‘s work isn’ t the first
biography about Jobs, unauthorized
biographies about the Apple co-
founder have been known to suffer
consequences . In 2005 , the release of
the book “iCon Steve Jobs: The
Greatest Second Act in the History of
Business ” prompted Apple to remove
all titles by publisher John Wiley &
Sons from its retail stores.
A more light-hearted comic book
biography of Jobs is due out later
this summer , though it will sell
without Jobs’ expressed approval.


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Steve Jobs With Bill Gates On iPads

A funny conversation between Steve jobs and Bill gates over the netbooks:p

#13 Funny Pic Of The Day: Updating Your Linux,Window,Mac

5 Most Expensive Tech Gadgets

Here is a list of world 5 most expensive gadgets.

5. Vertu Signature Cobra

Vertu is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nokia. Although there’s nothing special about this phone, but if you’re rich enough and have a few million dollars to spare, there’s no madness in buying it for your wife. The cobra, which is apparently the most prominent feature of this phone, is made up of 439 rubies and 2 emerald eyes. Interesting enough? It also contains 2 diamonds. However, only 8 pieces of it are produced to date. It costs 286,210 USD.

4. iPod Touch Supreme

Just another Apple product! It is the world’s most expensive iPod. Its body was reformed with 149gm of 22ct solid gold. The beautiful Apple logo on its rear is made from 21gm of gold and it houses 53 coloured diamonds. The price of the iPod Touch Supreme is 64,785 USD.

3. Sony PS3 Supreme

Meet the world’s most expensive PS3. NO, YOU SHALL NOT TOUCH IT! Its exterior boasts approximately 1600gm of 22ct solid gold. 58 x 0.50ct diamonds are individually set on both sides of the disc entrance. The price of this elite gaming console is 323,945 USD.

2. Nintendo Wii Supreme

If you think that expensive materials are only used in the making of phones, think again. Behold the Nintendo Wii Supreme! It won’t be wrong to assume that it’s the most expensive gaming console in the world. It took a total of six months to create this gem. The casing is made of 2500gm of 22ct gold. Besides that, it’s front buttons house 78×0.25ct diamonds. And of course, you can’t afford this one either. It costs $485,920 USD.

1. iPhone 3GS Supreme

This gadget is priced at a massive 1,943,700 USD. Its making took a 10 long months. The entire casing of this masterpiece is made up of 271 grams of 22ct solid gold. Not to forget that the front border contains 136 flawless diamonds that makes up a total of 68 carats. The button for the front navigation houses a very rare single cut diamond. On the other hand, the rear logo made up of solid gold has 53 diamonds in total.

History Of The Internet: Picture Says It All

this is the history of the internet

How Touch Screen Works?

Hello readers 😀

This is an article from Cricket Wireless telling how does a touch screen works.

You must have thought why does smartphone with touch screen cost differently.

Most people don’t know that there are three different types of touch screen technologies available: resistive, capacitive, and infrared. Learn about the different benefits and capabilities to make sure you get the touch screen phone you’re looking for.