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#20 Funny Pic Of The Day: How To Fix Apple Laptops

This Image Shows How to fix an Apple :p



8 Funny Photos Of Google Kicking Ass Of Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple And Facebook

here Google products are the angry birds and Apple,Facebook,yahoo,Microsoft are the pigs :p

Facebook is so depressed that now they are not even allowing google+ users to login in their facebook accounts :p

facebook now scares people 😛

The spartan king Google+

The evolution of social networking websites .

lol myspace giving warning to Facebook over their value estimation :p

that must have hurted him 😛

i m speechless now :p

How Angry Birds Were Created

On Google+ one of my friend shared a wonderful image with me, showing how angry birds were created or we hould say how angry birds were designed.

PS: ‘Angry Birds’ Moviecoming soon in your theaters nearby .

Adolf Hitler On Google+

What will you say if i tell you that Adolf Hitler is on Google+ ?

well actually it is so :p. our fuhrer has joined Google’s new social networking website Google+.

One of my friend provided me a link to the profile of Adolf Hitler.

Its a fake account created by someone for fun.

as earlier some people created fake accounts of Steve jobs and Mark Zukerberg .

Here is the link of the profile .

enjoy 😀

#19 Funny Pic Of The Day: Evolution Of Technology

Lolz evolution of technology from 1980 to 2010 😛

#18 Funny Pic Of The Day: Google+ Playing Soccer With Facebook

Google+ Playing Soccer With Facebook

#17 Funny Pic Of The Day: Life Without Blackberry And Apple



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#16 Funny Pic Of The Day: Hacking Attack In Hollywood And In Reality


well this picture above shows the true story :p

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#15 Funny Pic Of The Day: Swedish Girls


Swedish girls ^_^
love them.

#14 Funny Pic Of The Day: Angels need username and password

even Angels need username and password for heaven