All About Jake Davis AKA Topiary (LulzSec Key Member)

The young man you see above is Jake Davis, an 18-year-old hailing from the Shetland Islands off the coast of Scotland. At first glance he looks innocent enough (smug expression and unnecessary eye-wear aside). Though, if accusations are to be believed, he might in fact be Topiary, a key member hacktivist group, LulzSec.
Appearing in a London court on Monday, Davis was officially charged with the following crimes:

  • Unauthorized access to a computer system, contrary to Section 3 of the Computer Misuse Act 1990;
  • Encouraging / assisting offences, contrary to S46 of the Serious Crime Act 2007;
  • Conspiracy with others to carry out a Distributed Denial of Service Attack on the website of the Serious and Organised Crime Agency contrary to S1 Criminal Law Act 1977
  • Conspiracy to commit offences of section 3 Computer Misuse Act 1990, contrary to S1 Criminal Law Act 1977
  • Conspiracy between the defendant and others to commit offences of section 3 Computer Misuse Act 1990 contrary to S1 Criminal Law Act 1977.
*details on charges courtesy of Sophos

Authorities are confident that they have the right man despite lingering rumors online saying that the police have fallen victim to another one of LulzSec’s classic pranks. Evidence obtained from a search of Davis’ residence and computers is quite damning. Noted bits of evidence include the possession of  about 750,000 files of personal information and a draft of Rupert Murdoch’s obituary. The later bit of evidence seemingly creates a direct link between Davis and LulzSec as the hacktivist group had claimed responsibility for defacing the Sun’s website with a fake obituary of the media mogul. Davis is currently out on bail and is scheduled to appear in court again on the 30th. Anonymous and Lulzsec twitter accounts have fallen silent for the time being.



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