Google Retiring Blogger And Picasa For Google+ (plus)

It seems as if Google+ is making its way into everyone’s life even if you don’t get to use it. Since the launch of Google+, Google has been changing certain aspects of the UI of our favorite Google services to match that of Google+, and they are not done. Blogger and Picasa, Google’s blogging service and photo service are going to be re-branded because they have been integrated into Google+. They will be called “Google Blogs”, and “Google Pictures”.




And because we are on the subject, I want to share my thoughts about these being integrated into Google+. I think that these are great additions to Google+, because you are able to create a blog for your profile, so that you can write about whatever you want to and not have to clutter up your “Stream” with whatever it is you want to share. And Picasa is also great for Google+, because you can edit your photos right from Google+, instead of turning to other services like “Picnik”, where you must pay a monthly fee to see and use all of the features, or turn to a photo editing program on your computer just for a few simple tweaks to a photo.

These changes should take place within the next 6 weeks in anticipation of Google+ being opened up to the general public.

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