Amazon Cloud Player Adds Unlimited Music Storage


Amazon said late Wednesday that it will allow
customers to store an unlimited amount of music
on its Cloud Drive and Cloud Player, provided
customers purchase a storage plan.
Amazon also announced a Cloud Player app for
the Apple iPad.
Amazon launched its Cloud Player in March, a
companion to the Amazon Cloud Drive . At the
time, the service came with up to 5GB of free,
online music storage, expandable to 20 GB with
the purchase of an MP3 album at the Amazon
Music Store.
Additional storage plans start at $20 per year for
20 Gbytes of storage.
To encourage users to subscribe to those
premium plans, Amazon is effectively eliminating
MP3 files against that tally, allowing users to store
20 Gbytes of photos (or documents, or other
content), rather than divvy it up. Amazon also said
that users can store all of their MP3 or AAC files
that they purchased through Amazon for free, and
they won’t count against the quota, either. Those
files cover new files that a user might purchase as
well as older files that a user bought before the
new promotion.
“Customers are already enjoying Cloud Drive and
Cloud Player and now for just $20 a year,
customers can get unlimited space for music,”
said Craig Pape, director of Amazon Music, in a
statement. “Additionally, we are adding free
storage for all MP3s purchased from Amazon
MP3, and support for the iPad. Our customers
love Cloud Drive and Cloud Player and we’re
excited to innovate these services on their behalf.”
Amazon also said that it had developed a Cloud
Player app for the iPad, joining apps for the
Android phone, Android tablet, Mac, and PC.

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