The New Technology G-Point Mouse

Here’s a mouse that puts a decidedly erotic spin on navigating your desktop.  The aptly-named G-Point mouse doesn’t just bear an eyebrow-raising name, it’s actual design resembles a (hopefully) familiar part of the female anatomy, and features a special button in a special spot that will get you whereve you want to be with just one click.

The concept is that you assign the button to whatever your favorite thing to do on your computer is.  Whether it’s checking your email or surfing for porn, the g-spot on the G-Point will take you there.  Beyond that it’s pretty much just a regular mouse.  But the designers of this mouse got kind of ballsy (pun intended) by making it look like that, don’t you think?

A trip to any Spencer’s Gifts in the mall will show you that putting sex organs into practical use products is nothing new.   In fact, erotic USB products have been done many times before.  This one just stands out to me because of it’s striking resemblence to the female erogenous zome, and because it’s a bit more imaginative that just putting boobs on a clicker.  This is a sight usually dubbed NSFW, yet they’ve made it into a mouse, and, admittedly, I find imagination pretty sexy.

Obviously, the mouse has much more shock value than practical value, but this should still give your friends a good chuckle.  If you’ve ever seen any electronic devices that are as racy as this, let us know!  Surely we can dig up some sexual tech products.

[via YankoDesign]


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  1. haha awesome – need one of those as a wedding present for my sisters husband… ol’ fart

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