5 Reasons Why I think Google+ Will Beat Facebook

On 28th June, Google Made its biggest effort to Conquer the Social Networking field by introducing its new social networking product ‘GOOGLE+’.

Many people doubt its success in social networking field but i have 5 reasons why this Google service ‘Google+’ can knockout Facebook from the social media.

As we all know that this is the biggest social networking project ever made by Google to challenge its competitor Facebook. Google+ is basically Larry page‘s idea.

Here are the 5 reasons  Why I think Google+ Will Beat Facebook:

  1. As we all know People are now tired of Facebook mainly due to its 3rd party sharing policy which allow lot of spam and even threat to privacy.In Google+ The best feature what you will get is there is no chance for spam and no rubbish Application which allow 3rd party websites.
  2. Facebook has a friend limit of 5000 friends but here on Google+ there is no friend limit.
  3. There is always a fear on Facebook to add family members as none of us want them to see what we are commenting and what others commented on our walls, for this Google+ has an awesome feature of sharing with circles. That means we can decide what to share with whom.
  4. Basic features like spark,better search engine,good looks and faster performance of Google+ gives it a better position then Facebook.
  5. The best thing in my view, The name itself GOOGLE 😀

So it will be nice to see how Google will take on Facebook.

And many of you wont disagree with my views on it 😀

Comments please. ^_^


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  1. These points r not strong enough in my eyes

    the only way that google+ can go ahead is by introducing new stuffs that r exclusive rather than trying to outshine facebook way that google+ can go ahead is by introducing new stuffs that r exclusive rather than trying to outshine facebook

    • @czar parth
      see bro people are now bored of Facebook.
      they r bored of the fucking spam and they are bored of Facebook 3rd party sharing policy.
      people need change and Google+ is the change 😀

  2. Point 2 is currently wrong, there is a limit of 5000 contacts in your circles in Google+ also.

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