How To Remote control your PC via Twitter

Twitter can be useful. No, really. Install TweetMyPC and you’ll be able to lock, shut down or reboot your PC, download a file, send a file on your PC to a Gmail address and more just by tweeting.

First, create a Twitter account. Turn off public access to this so that people can’t see what you’re doing (click ‘Settings | Account’ and then check the ‘Protect my tweets’ box). Don’t follow anyone on this account.

Next, download TweetMyPC, enter your log-in details and click ‘Save And Close’. To see if it works, type a tweet like Screenshot. All being well, TweetMyPC will take a screenshot of your PC, post it online and send a link to your Gmail address.


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  1. This scares me a little bit. Maybe I’ve just seen too many sci-fi movies for my own good. I feel like twitter is not secure enough to be able to hand over control of my computer. I understand that it’s based on the software on your computer but someone could create a virus that tweaks the software to do more than just turn on and off your computer.

    I do think it is neat being able to access things from social media like this. I just don’t trust it yet 🙂

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