How To Make A Wi-Fi CCTV Camera System

Worried about being burgled? Leave your PC guarding the house With the right software, your PC could become a powerful home security system, monitoring several areas simultaneously and alerting you at the first sign of any intruders. All you need is a collection of webcams and some know-how.

Firstly, install the trial version of Active WebCam. It displays a ‘Trial version’ logo but won’t time out, so it’s good enough for us. Launch the program, set up a camera and select ‘Settings | Motion Detection’. Make sure motion detection is turned on, with the sensitivity you need it to be (turn it down if there’s a pet wandering around to reduce the chance of accidental alerts) and tell the program to alert you via email should it detect something.

Now click ‘File | New Camera’ to add each new camera, using the Motion tab to define how it’s treated. That’s just about it. Test Active WebCam by sending someone into each area and confirming that you’re notified, then just leave the program to watch over your home.


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