Can Google+ Become Facebook Killer For Google?

Yesterday On 28th June, Google Made its biggest effort to Conquer the Social Networking field by introducing its new social networking product ‘GOOGLE+’.

yes you heard it rite, Google Has launched a new social networking product called Google+ .

After the failure of Orkut,Google wave, and Google Buzz now Google has come up with a new social networking site.

Google+ looks quite similar to Facebook. It will lets its users to post photos, messages, comments and other content from selected groups of friends. It is meant for sharing with groups — like colleagues, roommates or hiking friends — not with all of one’s friends or the entire Web. It also offers group text messaging and video chat.

Google+ users will start by selecting people they know from their Gmail contacts (and from other services, once Google strikes deals with them). They can drag and drop friends’ names into different groups, or circles, and give the circles titles, like “sisters” or “book club.” Then they can share with these groups or with all of their friends.

Unlike on Facebook, people do not have to agree to be friends with one another. They can receive someone’s updates without sharing their own.

So now the question arises, Will It Be Able To Take On Facebook?

Will It Prove To be A Facebook Killer?

Many social networking experts don’t think that it can harm Facebook, but we should not forget that Google had done a lot of research on this product and they had some some significant changes to fight out Facebook. This idea of social networking website came in mind of Larry Page ( Google’s Co-Founder) . He know that if they didn’t acted soon they gonna lost the cyber space to Facebook completely.

Google had always been criticized for its failure in the social media field. It was the only reason for which Google was in hunt to buy Twitter.

So it will be intresting to see weather Google+ will be able to take on facebook or not.


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