7 Most Unusual Mobile Phones Available In Market

Here Is a list of & most unusual mobile phones in the world.

7) Soft Mobile Phone Concept by Roman Kriheli


Reminds me of a puffer fish more than anything else! It just bloats up!

6) Dial Phone by Jung Dae Hoon

Jewelry, retro , projector mish-mash!

5) Mobile Script Phone by Aleksandr Mukomelov

Like a script that opens up to unveil the secrets, the OLED screen unfurls and becomes your playground.

4) “_______” by Marc Schömann

This phone was probably heavily influenced by Dan Brown!

3) Soft Phone by Qian Jiang

Cotton Candy of a phone; It’s a series of discs with electronic fabric stretched in between! Unique in shape and materials.

2) Wearable Mobile Phone by Sunman Kwon

How many times have you used your fingers to dial a number, now how about using them for a keypad?

1) Moto Concept by Joseph Liang

This has to be the cutest looking phone EVER! A total DOLL!

source: http://www.yankodesign.com/2010/02/08/ten-unusual-shapes-for-mobile-phones/


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