Nokia Window Phone Sea Ray Leaked

After Nokia‘s recent statement that the company would follow Apple‘s product secrecy methods for its WP7 devices, we were made to believe that the company would actually do what it stated. But CEO of Nokia Mr Stephen Elop seems to be having a hard time comprehending that, because he has unofficially unveiled the device at an event. The intention was to show the people present, what it looks like. Elop humbly asked the audience to not record or not take pictures, to avoid spreading of the same in the blogosphere or media.

Nokia Sea Ray Leaked

As it turns out, unknown to Elop, one person was recording the whole event, even as he went forward with the unveiling. The new Nokia Windows Phone 7 handset, known as the Sea Ray for now, bears a striking resemblance to the Nokia N9. Elop explained and pointed out at the hardware camera button at the right hand side of the device, which is not present on the N9, before finally switching on the device. This handset was seen running on Windows Phone 7.5 a.k.a Mango. The official announcement is still a few months away, but that won’t matter to people now, since the device has already been made public, and has been published all over the internet. The latter part of the video shows the features and functions of Windows Phone Mango on the Sea Ray.

The Sea Ray will feature an 8 MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics, which is the same as in the N9. Other specs could include a 1 GHz processor (a 1 GHz processor is a must for all WP7 devices) and 512 MB RAM. The back looks similar to the N9 apart from the positioning of the dual LED flash. Apart from these minor differences, the handset has a similar structure to the N9.

Some reports on the web have suggested that this was a staged leak to gain popularity and create hype. This does make sense since there’s no loss of focus in the video capture, and the person recording the video doesn’t seem to be hiding while recording the video. Nokia could have a couple of more WP7 handsets lined up, but for now it seems like this is going to be the first ever Nokia WP7 handset. Check out a few more leaked photos of the Sea Ray below:

Nokia Sea Ray Leaked

Nokia Sea Ray Leak

Nokia Sea Ray Leaked

Nokia Sea Ray Leaked

Here’s the full video of the event:

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