Tweet Of The Day #1 : Chetan Bhagat Coke Joke

Chetan Bhagat Famous Indian Novelist tweeted a joke on twitter on Father’s day, which caused him to apologize to his twitter followers.

Chetan Bhagat deleted that ‘Coke Joke’ tweet but fortunately we had taken screenshot of that tweet.

After seeing the outrage of his followersd chetan bhagat tweeted “Amazing how a silly locker room joke causes outrage, but songs with expletives air on radio and painting gods naked is art expression.”

Link of the tweet

he again tweeted “Ok. On the coke machine tweet. Thoda jyada ho gaya. Was a joke and u know it. Still, am sorry if u felt bad. Am human. Forgive. Move on.”

Link of the tweet

At last he urged his followers not to do personal attacks at him and move on.

so for Chetan Bhagat the day was intresting.
and for you guys i hope the day was even more intresting 😀

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  1. It was kind of funny, but locker room jokes are double edged..

  2. Boy, you are using the image I captured & tweeted. So don’t claim it as yours and mention the credit accordingly.

  3. @Jairajp
    Lol.. Fighting over a screenshot. 😛

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