My First Post On This Blog

After so many difficulties and so much drama finally i have started blogging again 😛 . yeah yeah hacking blogger 😛

Now you may ask why i left it?

what you said ? NO? 😐 Ask you fool.

Due to my financial and academic problems :(( .

All my old Sites expired 😦 shit man i didn’t had even 10$ to renew my domains :((.

Ok lets forget the fast we should always live in present. ( 1 famous Hindi movie dialog ” ek per past mai ek per future mai, tabhi to sale aaj present pe moot rahe hai ” :D)

Enough of my shit now let me tell you why i created this blog and what this blog will provide you.

3 main reasons for creating this blog .

  1. As all my blogs got expired so i had to create a new one and this was it.
  2. i want money from my knowledge 😐
  3. Do you really care why i created this blog?

And now let me tell you what things/shit will you get from this blog:

  1. Whats going inside the hacking world.
  2. Reviews about new gadgets/software/tools.
  3. My views and comments on geek things.

No don’t worry you wont be able to earn money from this blog 😀

So plz do subscribe for my blog 🙂

you won’t be loosing anything 🙂





About Naveen Thakur

A Wandering Geek Soul.

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  1. So is there any way to make money through the knowladge we have regarding tech.

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